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Thank you for checking us out.  Bear Paw Wilderness Designs is a small manufacturer of camping related products located in Northern Colorado. We work with individuals who are looking for high quality and durable products at a reasonable price.  We have our own products that we have designed and field tested for the conditions that they are to be used.  We also specialize in custom products that our customers have designed and/or requested to fit their particular needs.  

Some of our services include, but not limited to:

*   We make products to order based on customers's needs

*   We have most of our Tarps and Net Tents ready for quick ship

*   We make products that work with other manufacturers' like 

     Mountain Laurel Designs, Seek Outside, Kifaru, Mountain Designs, etc.

*    We specialize in Tarps, Net Tents, Tents and Floors for our designs and 

      other manufacturers' products

*    We repair and/or modify other manufacturer's tents

We work with:

*  Hunters

*  Backpackers

*  Thru Hikers

*  Guides

*  Scouts


Our specialities:

* Custom WorK

*  Made to Order

*  Group Orders

*  Stock Items

*  Bargain Bin

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