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Custom Work

We specialize in designing and producing quality net tent tents, tarps and tents that meant our customer's unique specifications.  We also modify and repair other manufacturers' tents and net tents.  

Some of the manufacturers that we have work with include:

*  Seek Outside

*  Kifaru

*  Sierra Designs

*  Mountainsmith

*  Six Moon Designs

*  Mountain Laurel Designs

*  Z Pack

*  Hyperlite Mountain Gear

* and many others


Net Tents for Seek Outside, Kirafu, Mountain Laurel Designs, Black Diamond and other Manufacturers

We make net tents of our own designs with various options to fit many of the USA tent manufacturers.  We can also add modifications to your specific requirements.  We have inhouse designs to fit tarps, tepees, and other tent configurations. We also can make custom net tents as per our clients' design.  You can buy with confidence since these products are first quality, made from first fabrics, and carry our full return policy and warranty.


Type of Custom Work 

We have performed some of the following work:

*  Custom net tents including half, three quarters, and full

*  Custom foot prints and bathtub floors

*  Installation of stove jacks

*  Tent modifications like adding vestibule and modifying footprint

*  Repair of damaged tents and net tents

*  Complete tent and net designs as per customer's specifications.

*  And about anything that a customer desires

We can give you a specific quote as per your specifications.  Just contact us by phone or email with your specifications and we will get back with you quickly.

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