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These canvas stove jacks are made specifically for canvas tent. These stove jacks are made from gray 500°F woven fiber glass stove jack fabric that is silicone coated for waterproofness and a perimeter and rain flap of fire retardant 10oz natural canvas.  The natural canvas perimeter allows this stove jack to be glued (with contact glue or fabric glue) or sewn (either by hand or machine) onto a canvas tent. The stove jack is designed to be mounted on the exterior of the tent.  Either a round hole (for horizontal mounting) or an oval hole (for slated mounting on the side of the tent) must be cut with either a pair of scissors, knife, or razor blade.   There is a attached protective outer canvas rain cover that can be use when a stove pipe is not needed or rolled up when stove pipe is present. 

We offer custom stove jack installation on our tents and your tents.  Just contact us for more information and cost.

Available in two stocked shapes (custom shapes and sizes are available too.)

  • Standard: 14" x 14" 

  • Large:  18"x 18"

Maximum stove pipe sizes:​

  • Standard: (about 7 oz) - up to 5" pipe

  • Large: (about 9 oz) - up to 8" pipe

Warning: Keep stove pipe at least 4" from any flammable material, including any tent material. A hot stove pipe and/or stove is extremely hot and will ignite or melt tent fabric and any other flammable material. Due to the low melting point of Dyneema®, you must take extra care in using a stove in a Dyneema® tent. If you do add a stove jack to any type of tent, then we recommend extreme caution when using the stove and only be used by extremely experience campers who have extensive experience with tent stoves.

Canvas Stove Jacks

  •  Shipping will be between 1 to 3 business days.  A shipping notification will be sent to your supplied email address.

  • In stock.

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