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This custom half net for the Redcliff tent has a peak height of 64",  70d silnylon 2.5" bathtub floor that is lightweight and durable, and a zipper that runs down the front center to the right side. It will easily sleep 1 to 2 adults.  Line-loc 3 at the peak and the 4 corners for easy adjustment (cordage included.)  

This custom half net for the Redcliff is brand new.  

  • The mesh is 3/4 oz noseeum and the floor is 70D silnylon

  • 100" long at front and back, 64" height at the peak,  and 74" in depth.

  • Approximate weight 37 oz

  • 5 line-loc 3 with cordage 


It is available for quick shipping.  


Custom Half Net For Seek Outside Redcliff

  •  Shipping will be between 5 to 7 business days.  A shipping notification will be sent to your supplied email address.

  • In stock.

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