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The PyraNet  2 with the Ultramid  2 or PyraTent 2 configuration is a lightweight 2 person net tent designed to fit under pyramid type of tents like the  Ultramid, Luna 4, Luna 6, PyraTent 2, MLD's pyramid tents, Mega Lite, and other similar tents.  It includes an inverted T zipper.  The zipper is normally placed on the short side but we can move it to the long side.  Just contact us for information of these custom zippers. 


We can make different sizes and heights depending on your requirements.  The standard bathtub floor is 2.5" height and made from either  30D (default) or 70D silnylon, but we offer additional floor materials like Dyneema.  We use a floating floor bathtub so you can raise or lower the height slightly.  We also offer extended bathtub floor options in silnylon and Dyneema fabrics.  Just contact us for information about these custom modifications.     

Depending on our workload and options, it will ship out in 1 to 3 week.  Contact us for an accurate shipping time or if you need modifications. 


  • 2.5"  Bathtub 30D (default) or 70D Silnylon, Dyneema (special order)

  • 96" x 76" x 64" Height

  • Approximate weight 28 oz  30d silnylon floor

PyraNet 2 Ultramid 2/PyraTent 2

  •  Shipping will be between 1 to 3 weeks.  A shipping notification will be sent to your supplied email address.

  • This item is made to order.

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